Basic Heavy Metal Detox Guide.

Here is a basic guide to how you can support your body while heavy metal toxins are cleared.

It is always preferable to work with a practitioner who can guide you through an individualised treatment protocol, but this is not available to you then we have compiled the following information to help guide you through.

Liver supports – take milk thistle, eat green leafy vegetables or rice with your last meal of the day, drink clean water, use castor oil packs and Epsom salts baths. Homeopathic chelidonium 6c am & pm.

Glutathione is an important antioxidant to know about.
NAC (cysteine) is a supplement that forms glutathione when put with glutamine or glycine.
Milk thistle supports the production of liver enzymes including glutathione.
Selenium is crucial for recycling glutathione.
Grape seed extract contains powerful antioxidants including OPC’s which help production of glutathione. High dose Vitamin C also helps the process.

Kidney supports – take parsley, avoid table salt but have good rock salt, have enough omega 3 (oily fish or a clean supplement), supplement CoQ10. Homeopathic berbaris vulgaris 6c am & pm

Strengthen your gut membrane – bone broth and organ meats contain the exact amino acids needed for its repair. You also need omegas, vitamin D and sulphur containing foods – broccoli sprouts and parsley are great. Homeopathic silicea 6c am & pm

Move the bowel once daily at least – use buffered vitamin c to bowel tolerance, eat enough fibrous vegetables and drink enough water. Use glycerine suppositories if nothing else works for you. Homeopathic nux vomica 12c am’s

Keep your lymphatic fluid moving – exercise especially bouncing (skipping / trampolining) keeps the toxins moving out through the lymph so they can be eliminated. Dry skin brushing and caster oil packs also help.

Sleep well and when it’s dark – as this is when the body detoxes. Use chamomile tea, 5HTP, Valerian, Epsom salts baths and calming meditations before bed. Don’t look at screens or devices late in the evening and switch them to amber light after sunset. Homeopathic coffea 30c before bed.

Clean up your EMF exposure. EMFs damage the enzyme production you need to detox, breakdown the gut membrane and blood brain barrier.

Take binders – bioresonance, hair analysis, kinesiology and ART testing can all tell you what heavy metals are affecting you, so you can invest in the right type of binder. Quality is very important!

Mercury – Calcium, Malic acid & Titanium Clay or C60
Aluminium – Silica rich water, coriander (cilantro) and elecampane root powder.
Lead – modified citrus pectin
All – chlorella pyrenoidosa, clays like zeolite and titanium clay, marine phytoplankton.
Also, Humic & Fulvic acid for glyohosphates which are not a heavy metal but affect the gut biome and membrane so let the HMs do more damage.

Once you’ve got all the above in place start taking homeopathy to move the heavy metals.
Nux-vom 6c am and pm
Sulphur 6c am and pm

Heavy metal testing with our Health MOTs
Methylation and Sulphation supports are detailed in the liver module

We recommend Natures Wisdom Formulas:

Super detox powders – includes many of the supports listed above

Cilantro & Hemp Oil

C60 Activated charcoal oil

Marine Phytoplankton 

Lymph Support Tincture – which includes milk thistle and other herbs

Castor Oil pack

Epsom salts

Rose hip Buffered Vitamin C powders – to keep the bowel regular

Nerve and Gut Support powders – to repair leaky gut membranes

Omega 3/6/9 capsules

5HTP – to aid sleep

Sleep Support tincture – includes valerian and other herbal supports

Austrian peat tincture – for Humic & Fulvic acid to bind glyphosphates

Homeopathic remedies – order the number of pots needed