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Packages to suit every individual: Optimal Health and Wellbeing is not an option, its a priority

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Let the highly trained team at NTA help to  support your health recovery and wellbeing. Lots of options are available including consultations at one of our clinics as well as remote treatment packages. We offer free access to information in our self-guided pages and you can also purchase high quality remedies and formulas in our online shop.

Further Links

Online Shop – NW

100% natural and handmade nutrient and herbal formulas. Individual formulas, product bundles and special offers available through the NW online shop.

Pharmacy Service

Homeopathic medicines can be ordered via the contact us page. Prices start from £7 plus postage per remedy.

Online Resources

Recovery programme modules and blog articles as well as clinical forms and documents are all available here.

NTA Thrive

Our signature clinical service. Find information about applying for a Thrive assessment here.

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How long for a reply

Normally the team will reply within 2 working days. They are available Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm and will prioritise urgent messages. You may find the answer to you question in the FAQ’s on our Blog page.

With any further questions, please contact us

Disclaimer: the information supplied on and via the NTA health website is not intended to replace standard medical advice. If you have chronic symptoms of any kind you should consult your GP and follow NHS diagnostic procedures so that you have the option to take conventional medical treatment for any chronic illness that can be identified.

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