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Let the highly trained team at NTA help you to recover your health and support your well-being. Lots of options are available whether you need practitioner-led treatment, or are guiding your own treatment. In-person consultations are not available currently, but we do have practitioner-led remote treatment available via our saliva testing service. We also offer product bundles that include our information modules and treatment recommendations, or you can simply purchase individual remedies and formulas in our online shop.

Integrated Health

As natural health practitioners we are committed to integrated healthcare and feel that it is the most effective way to restore health and wellbeing.

We work closely with many other health professionals and we will often suggest that you seek the advice of one of our colleagues, if we feel it would be beneficial to your recovery.

How we work

Your symptoms

We discover how your body is out of balance by asking you in detail about your symptoms.

Each and every symptom is information if you have the knowledge to interpret them, with all of our practitioners being highly trained and experienced in this.

In addition to this there are many tests that we can conduct that can give additional useful information.

Lifestyle advice

We live in a highly toxic world and are all being affected by environmental pollutants in various forms.

Our bodies are generally well equipped to deal with these challenges, however at certain times need further support, especially when weakened by illness or under the pressure of acute or chronic stress.

Our bodies and minds can be protected from damage by using the right support system and integrated approach. We include advise about how to do this in all our treatment plans.

Your health assessment...
We can assess your heath and identify all the factors that are causing your symptoms and the priority order in which they need to be addressed. If you use our remote testing service you will be asked to complete a health questionnaire in as much detail as you can and send us a saliva sample by post on a specific date. After one of our practitioners has tested your sample and analysed the results, we will send a report of our findings and recommendations which are individualised for your needs.

The information you provide in your health questionnaire allows us to make a clinical assessment of your health situation. We also use SCIO bio-resonance testing equipment which allows us to test saliva samples to gather more information about your health and understand the factors that are contributing to any problems.

We are able to use the bio-resonance to test for pathogens including bacteria, viruses, parasites and moulds. We also test for toxins, allergies & intolerances, organ health, hormone and nutrient levels.

Your health assessment is completely individualised to you, whatever health diagnosis you have been given. We pride ourselves on our holistic, individual approach to health and wellbeing.

Naturopathic tests...

Depending on what your symptoms are indicating, we can also tell you about additional non-invasive tests such as the iodine challenge for the thyroid, raglan test for the adrenal glands and liquid mineral testing.

We seek to get a complete 360 degree view of all our customers and this can all give valuable additional information.

Our aim is to help you to be able to gain control and take personal responsibility for recovery and wellbeing.

Nutritional supports

We have our own range of natural therapeutic products, formulated and made for us by Traditional Herbalists.

We use Homeopathic and Herbal medicines to stimulate the body’s healing mechanisms and our Native Wisdom herb and nutrient formulas, to provide food state nutrition for the raw materials that are needed at a cellular level.

We create bespoke, integrated healing protocols according to individual needs, using the vast range of remedies and products that we have.

NTA Health has relocated to beautiful rural surroundings in Wiltshire, England.

We are near the beautiful, historic city of Salisbury.

Sonia O’Donnell LCPH MARH: Clinical Director

Sonia has been a qualified Naturopath and Bio-resonance practitioner since completing her training under Robert Davidson at The College of Practical Homeopathy in 2001.

Sonia is also trained in naturopathic diagnostics, supports and nutrition and during her time in practice, she has developed a system of naturopathic Health Assessments and has trained many other Homeopaths to work in this way. The system is a unique combination of naturopathic diagnostic techniques and combined naturopathic treatment that combines homeopathy, herbal medicines and food state nutrients.

Sonia has extensive experience in working with chronic and complex illnesses, including with people who have ME, CFS and chronic Lyme disease diagnoses, as well as many children on the autistic spectrum. She has also lectured at Homeopathy Colleges and Conferences, teaching about the integration of different modalities of treatment and supporting clients with chronic illness.

Sonia is focusing on providing NTA’s Recovery programmes as well as studying for an MSc in Transforming Integrated Health and social care because she is passionate about finding better ways for people with chronic illness to access better medical care.

Sonia O'Donnell

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  Frequently asked questions…

How successful are your programmes?
We have over 50 years’ combined experience of treating chronic illness this way. When looking back on past results, we can see that over 90% of clients get significant improvement when they complete the treatment programme we recommend. We also find that over 80% of clients achieve total remission of their presenting complaint within 18 months of commencing and completing an integrated programme.
How many assessments will I need?
Every case is different, but we estimate what the stages and timings of your recovery will be when we write your initial report and recommended treatment programme.

On average we find people with complex chronic conditions require an 18 month programme.

How do I contact my practitioner about my treatment?

Please email [email protected] with “message for practitioner” in the subject line to contact your practitioner with all questions related to your treatment. The message will be flagged for their attention. Messages will be read every week day and replied to in the order that they are received. We aim to reply to messages within 2 working days.

You can contact the office with other non-treatment related questions at [email protected] – Dave can usually answer any queries the same day. 

The answers to many common questions are in the FAQ article on our blog page.

What happens after the appointment?

Your practitioner analyses all the clinical and test information, then writes your report and recommended treatment programme (this takes approx. 2-3 weeks). The homeopathic medicines that are prescribed are included in the cost of your appointment and will be posted to you with a copy of the report. 

What if I feel worse after taking remedies? There is a small possibility that your symptoms could worsen for a few days after starting the remedies. This is a normal part of the healing process but we aim to avoid this if possible. If this happens you should stop taking the treatments or remedies that you introduced most recently and wait for 3 days before restarting them.

With any further questions, please contact us

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Disclaimer: the information supplied on and via the NTA Health website is not intended to replace standard medical advice. If you have chronic symptoms of any kind you should consult your GP and follow medical diagnostic procedures, so that you have the option to take conventional medical treatment for any chronic illness that can be identified.