NTA Health Frequently Asked Questions

This is designed to provide you with answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you have any more questions please contact [email protected]

Current situation (December 2020)
Lockdowns etc are still causing disruption to our normal services. We are offering our remote testing services as usual, but are still unable to see clients in person. When we are able to, we will first contact the clients who’s appointments were cancelled earlier in the year.

Please be aware that:

●  we still do not have our normal team in the office so answering messages will be slower than usual – questions related to acute health issues will be prioritised

●  supplies of some products are being delayed because our suppliers are still affected. We will send partial orders when whole orders are not available.

●  supplies of bespoke items are still delayed, because the supply chains for ingredients are still being affected. Please order well in advance and consider ordering twice the amount you usually would

●  we are testing saliva samples as usual, but please use the swab

●  We are sending regular advice emails via mailchimp, so if you haven’t been receiving them please check your spam filter and If you are not already on our Mailchimp list please let us know and we can add you.

Advice re Covid-19

As the current infection rate is much reduced we recommend reducing your preventative measures but still being ready with appropriate supports in case you need them.

Our cold and flu kits contain recommended supports for preventing infection, as well as supports to help reduce the severity of symptoms, should you become infected.: https://natureswisdomuk.com/product/cold-flu-kit/

  • Prevention stage – take only if you come into contact with anyone with the infection
  • Gelsemium 30c take daily for seven days and then twice per week for 2 more weeks.
  • Nature’s Wisdom Immune Boost powders 5mls 2 x daily for 2 weeks
  • Treatment stage:
  • ABC 30c 4 x daily if you feel like you might be coming down with something and 6-8 x daily during early stages of infection (usually 2-3 days, continue longer if you still have fever)
  • Increase Immune Boost Powders to increase to 5mls, 4 x daily
  • Add Throat and Chest Herbal drops – 5 drops, 4 x daily
  • Then add one of the homeopathic remedies below, according to your exact symptoms:each remedy can be taken 4-6 x daily and you can alternate between 2 of them if your symptoms fit them both. Most people are finding that gels and bryonia give the most symptom relief, alternating with the ABC which reduces fever.
  • 1st choice: Gelsemium (main presenting complaint is fatigue and heavy eyelids)
  • 2nd Choice: Bryonia (if you also have a cough and / or pain in chest/head, muscle pain)
  • 3rd Choice: Eupatorium perf (pain in bones, rather than muscles)
  • 4th possibility: Merc Viv (very sweaty and increased saliva with bad smell)

We now also have an Immune Support Plus kit – for vulnerable people this should be taken in addition to the basic cold & flu kit as above if you come into contact with anyone who has / may have the infection. The immune support plus kit can be bought here and includes:

  • 500ml Rose Hip Buffered Vitamin C powders (can also be purchased individually: rosehip vitamin c powders) * re. dosage
  • 50ml Throat & Chest infection PLUS herbal drops – 10 drops, 8 x daily during acute illness – ingredients include andrographis, calendula, skullcap, echinacea and vitamin c
  • 50ml Artemisia plus herbal drops – 20 drops 2 x daily as a preventative
  • Homeopathic remedies to add if the acute illness progresses into a cough / pneumonia:
  • Ars-Alb for difficulty breathing, coughing with frothy phlegm and feeling suffocated
  • Phos for fast breathing, a heavy feeling in the chest, a hard, dry racking cough that is worse when laying on the left side
  • Carbo-veg for pneumonia in older people especially, a cough with short breaths and laboured breathing.

Choose the remedy that fits symptoms best and take 4 x daily – alternate these remedies with the ones in the standard cold & flu kit: Gels, Merc-viv and Eup-per).


If you’ve had cold or flu type illness that may have been covid-19 and you feel back to your normal level of wellness, then we advise you carry on with Gels 30c once a week and immune powders once a day, just in-case it was a different type of virus.

If you do not feel back to your normal level of wellness then we advise you to carry on with immune powders, vitamin c and throat / chest drops once daily and take ars 30c in the mornings and bry in the afternoons every day for a week.

If you still feel unwell after that, consider booking a saliva test so we can give you individualised advice: https://www.ntahealth.co.uk/nta-services/

*Rose Hip Buffered Vitamin C dosage – 10ml of our powders equals 250mg Vit C, but the formula is very bioavailable so people should limit the dose they take to bowel tolerance. This means start with a medium dose (10mls, 2 x daily) and then gradually increase. When you reach a dose that makes your bowel slightly loose (for most people this is around 10mls, 4 x daily) reduce the dose slightly and stay with that dose.

Our nutrient support powders and liquids are all formulated so that the recommended daily amount (usually 5mls, 2 x daily for powders and 250ml liquid formulas) provides a maintenance dose (eg the RDA of all Vits and Mins). If you require a higher therapeutic dose and then you should take 10mls, 2 x daily. All the following products supply the RDA of all Vits & Mins: nutrient support powders, all in one nutrient liquid, LymeCo Balance powders and eShield complete powders.

General FAQs

What is NTA Health?

At NTA Health we aim to treat all types of illness with a combination of homeopathy and herbal medicines, with nutritional supplements too.
We like to assess all of the factors that might be contributing to your health conditions (bacteria and viruses as well as toxins, molds etc). We do this through bio-resonance testing, either with you in person at our clinic, or otherwise by testing a saliva sample.

Remote testing

We have remote services available – the Self Guided section of our website can be found by clicking here

Our remote services include:

A remote health analysis costs £130 and includes a results report and treatment plan drawn up by one of our chronic programme practitioners. 30 minute Skype or phone appointments are also available for an additional £50 – only in addition to the health analysis.
A £90 health MOT test is available for wellbeing and general health checks.

You will need to post us a saliva sample, to be tested using our bio-resonance system – we can test 90% of the things that would usually test for if you came for an assessment in clinic, including infections, toxins, intolerances, hormone levels, nutritional deficiencies and organ health.

Please be aware that we will ask you to post your sample on a specific day. This is so that we can test it soon after it arrives and get the clearest possible results. It is your responsibility to follow the instructions we provide in the email confirmation and you must let us know in advance if you have not received your confirmation email or your kit by post. If we do not receive your kit when we are expecting it, we will contact you by email. If it has been lost in the post we will send you another kit and rebook your test slot. After we test your sample, you can expect your saliva test results within 2-3 weeks.

Can I do remote testing if I live abroad?

It depends on how quickly you can post a large letter size postal box to the UK. We need to be able to test the sample within 3 days of you making it, for it to still be viable.
Otherwise, suggest you consider purchasing a kit and then posting it to us if you visit the UK. The other option would be to look into using a courier service.

Can I eat or drink before collecting my saliva sample?

We recommend that you do not eat, drink, smoke or chew gum within the 30-mins before collecting your sample.

How do I organise a phone or skype consultation with my practitioner?

These are only available after £120 tests and are subject to availability. Please email us once you have your test report. 30 minute phone / skype calls cost £50

How does a saliva sample compare to a face to face consultation with bio-resonance testing.

We have been offering the saliva testing for about 2 years now (Dec 2020) and almost everything can be tested using a saliva sample, rather than testing you in person. Although we appreciate it isn’t the same experience as a face to face consultation, when combined with a phone appointment it’s almost as good.

Can I cancel a test after purchase?

If you cancel within 2 working days of purchasing a test then we can give you a full refund minus the PayPal fee which is non-refundable. If your circumstances change and you need to cancel after this point, we can refund your fee minus £20 admin charge, up to one week before your test return date. After this point we cannot offer any refund.

How often should my health be tested?

For people needing regular updates we recommend testing every 2 months. For those who need maintenance plans we recommend testing every 4 months. For general health check ups we recommend 6 or 12 months.

How long does it take to receive results?

Please allow 3 weeks to receive the report from your test date.
If you receive a treatment plan please let us know if you would like to request the complementary homeopathic remedies and printed report. Recommended supplements can be ordered online through our online shop at https://natureswisdomuk.com/shop/

What is the average cost for chronic illness treatment?

In most cases we advise clients with chronic illness that they will need 18 months of treatment with tests every 6 weeks. This would cost £1440. Plus additional costs of support products is on average £50 a month per person.

How can I ask my practitioner questions in response to a recent report?

Please email questions to [email protected] with “message for practitioner” in the subject line. Please collate all your questions into one email to send.

Thrive assessment

Thrive is a chronic illness initial assessment to explore if and how we are able to treat you. Find information on our website at https://www.ntahealth.co.uk/nta-thrive/
There is currently approximately a 12 month wait for a space for a thrive assessment.

Do you treat animals?

We offer dog tests by saliva testing. We are currently investigating a test for cats. Find further information about what pet testing we offer here.

How does my pet take the remedies/supplements?

Add the homeopathic remedies to their water bowl (it doesn’t matter if other pets drink the water), the dose is always one pillule.

Sprinkle support powders onto food and herbal tinctures can be given by mouth or in food.

The recommended dose for canine powders is 2.5ml, 2 x daily for small dogs and 5ml 2 x daily for large dogs (over 10kg). 2 x daily means one AM and one PM.

The recommended dose for canine tinctures is 1 pipette full, 2-3 x daily for small dogs and 2 pipettes full, 2-3 x daily for large dogs (over 10kg). 2 x daily means one AM and one PM.

How does pet testing work?

You can read more about them on this page

The kit comes with instructions, a questionnaire to fill in and a sterile swab. The swab is the type used for DNA and you need to wipe it inside of your pet’s cheek to get a good amount of saliva on it.

Can you recommend anything for my illness?

We do not have protocols for specific illnesses. The naturopathic approach uses testing and asking detailed questions about your health and symptoms so we can treat in an individualised way. There is more information about this on our blog: https://www.ntahealth.co.uk/blog-articles/

After you have had a health assessment or health MOT with us, you will be given access to all our online resources including our recovery programme documents. Read more about it here: https://www.ntahealth.co.uk/self-guided-2/
There are some chronic conditions where experience tells us what supports are likely to help. If you are unable to access individualised treatment then you can follow our general recommendations: https://www.ntahealth.co.uk/chronic-illness/


Homeopathic remedies

To be ready for all eventualities we recommend that people buy a homeopathic kit. This can be bought from helios.co.uk where their basic kit is £29.95 plus postage for 18 basic remedies. Alternatively, Natures Wisdom offer a homeopathic first aid kit with 10 combination remedies for £20 plus postage. They also sell a homeopathic pet kit.

We recommend the website below for advice on minor illnesses, travel and first aid. If you have a remedy kit then you can self prescribe quite easily: www.remedyseeker.com

How do I order my recommended supplements?

All recommended supplements are available at natureswisdomuk.com – if you have any difficulty please email [email protected] and they can advise or even create a shopping basket for you.

To order more supplies of homeopathic remedies please use this page of the website shop and then add the names and potencies of the remedies that you need in the box for notes at the checkout, or email us with your order number and requirement to [email protected]

To order more supplies of a bespoke powder, tincture, liquid or dry herb mix please use this page of the website shop and then add the name / description and the batch from the label that you need in the box for notes at the checkout, or email us with your order number and requirement to [email protected] Please note bespoke orders usually take 2 weeks and are currently taking longer (August 2020) so please consider ordering 2 at a time and keeping one as a rolling reserve.

Can I add different supplements to my treatment plan?

If you’ve had a health analysis with us it’s important to let your practitioner know if you are taking supplements additional to the plan they have recommended, as some things work against each other. There are some general supplements that can be taken in addition to the plan but it is important to consider how all are working together. Please use your health assessment / mot questionnaires and retest questionnaires to let your practitioner know what you are thinking about starting or stopping.

How do I take the supplements and remedies?

You can add tinctures to food, water, juice or take straight on a spoon, but do not add to hot drinks. Dose is 10 drops, 2 x daily unless the label or your treatment plan says otherwise. 2 x daily means one AM and one PM.

You can sprinkle powder on cold food or add to cold liquid. To make them easier to swallow, mix with yoghurt or something similar. Dose is 5mls, 2 x daily unless the label or your treatment plan says otherwise. 2 x daily means one AM and one PM. 5mls is a teaspoon.

Powders that contain sprouted broccoli are more effective if you chew them (sorry, tastes awful but it really works).

Any homeopathic remedies should be taken 5+ mins away from any food or drink and pillules should be left to dissolve under the tongue. Do not chew or swallow them. The dose is always one pillule (or 3 drops if a liquid remedy), 2 x daily means one AM and one PM.

How do I store the supplements?

Homeopathic remedies need to be stored away from direct sunlight, microwaves / wifi / mobile phones etc. and strong smelling items.

Powders need to be stored at room temperature, in an air-tight container and are best used within 6 months of opening.

Tinctures should be stored in your fridge once open, and used within 3 months of opening.

All powders and tincture should be used before the BBE date on the label.

Should I stop my current pharmaceutical medication to start a treatment plan with you?

No, we recommend keeping everything the same when starting treatment with NTA Health. Over time you may be able to reduce and wean off your conventional medication, but this should be done with the knowledge of your practitioner and your GP. Please use your retest questionnaires to advise your practitioner about changes you would like to make.

What if I feel worse after taking the recommendations?

There is a small possibility that your symptoms may get worse for a few days after taking the new remedies/supplements. This is a normal part of the healing process, but we aim to avoid this as much as possible. We usually ask you in your report, to add one new treatment at a time (eg. one per day at the most). If you feel worse after taking a new treatment then you should stop taking the most recently added item and wait 3 days before starting it again. If you are not sure which new treatment has caused the worsening then stop everything new for 3 days and then go back to adding them one at a time (one every 2 days is better in this case). If you have new symptoms that start after taking a new treatment, then again stop taking it for 3 days and then try again. Use your retest questionnaires to let your practitioner know about any new symptoms or worsening of symptoms that happened and which treatment you think brought them on.

I have old symptoms coming back, what do I do?

It’s quite common to have old symptoms coming back during treatment. If it is something that your practitioner has previously recommended treatment for (you can check your past reports and prescription sheets to see if there is anything listed), then it is safe to restart that treatment. If it is a symptom that you experienced before having treatment with NTA, then this is actually a good sign that a healing process is happening and you will usually feel better afterwards. If it isn’t a serious symptom then try to let it happen for a few days and usually it will clear itself (make a note to tell your practitioner that it happened on your retest questionnaire). If it is a serious symptom then you should check with your GP what to do or A&E if appropriate.

My child took my remedies/supplements, what do I do?

Don’t panic, all our products are child friendly and you can’t be harmed or overdose on the products as they are only natural ingredients.

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