Lyme Recovery

“Health is a relationship between you and your body” Terri Guillemets

Patients with chronic Lyme disease can find it hard to get diagnosed and may struggle to find an experienced practitioner. In addition, many practitioners only focus on killing the bacterial infection and not the myriad of associated issues that a patient with Lyme disease can face. Antibiotics (whether pharmaceutical or natural) will only target a bacterial infection. They will not be effective for viruses, heavy metals, hormonal imbalances and so forth.

We have patients come to us who have already tried treating with herbs/homeopathy/antibiotics, typically we find treatment failure comes from not treating associated issues or not doing the preparatory work to deal with treatment. The more sensitive and unwell a patient is the more important we find this is. 

Based on over ten years of experience in supporting patients with Lyme disease, we treat on a four-phase system. We have been helping patients in this way for over 10 years and in that time have established that this is the quickest, and most effective way to get people better.

Chronic bundle  Stage one

Dr d Klinghardt


NTA’s Nutrition Guide and Recipe Book

Herring Oil 90 Capsules

LymeCo Balance powders 850ml

Adrenal & Blood Sugar Powders 850ml (for mostly fatigue)

Epsom Salt Foot Spray 250ml

Homeopathic remedies tailored to your main symptom

Instruction cards

Organic Epsom Salts 2.5kg

Devils Bitt Tincture 50ml (for mostly pain)

Activated Charcoal Oil 50ml (for mostly neuro)

Flannel & Organic Castor Oil 250ml

Photo is for illustration only. You will received products tailored to whether your primary symptoms is fatigue, pain or neurological.

Your bundle includes access to the  Lyme Recovery Modules and additional information throughout the 12 weeks. It also includes a remote health analysis to use at week 8-10 ready for your stage two treatment plan.

How our Lyme programme began…

The NTA Lyme programme was created by Naturopath Sonia O’Donnell. With 20 years of experience in supporting people with chronic illness as well as the backing of the NTA Team, Sonia created and developed the protocol to support people through recovery and beyond.

We believe that we are the only Naturopaths in the UK combining Buhner based Herbal medicines, Homeopathic medicine, natural nutrient formulas, Bio-resonance diagnosis and treatment as well as Dr Klinghardt’s ART diagnostic technique. We work hard to keep up with new developments in the understanding and treating of Lyme, but we find the most important thing is to constantly reassess what is working with our clients and where people are getting stuck, so that we can find solutions.

Which bundle to choose?

Less than 6 months with symptoms? Then you need the Acute treatment pathway which consists of a stage one bundle which you take for 4 weeks, followed by a stage two bundle to be taken for 8 weeks.

Stage one focusses on Lyme Borrelia infection, while stage two ensures common co-infections have also been treated.

The Chronic bundles

More than 6 months with symptoms means you require our chronic Lyme bundle. There are three variations, you need to choose the one which is associated with your worst symptom.

Click to order the bundle most relevant to you: mostly neuro – mostly pain – or mostly fatigue. 

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