Documents / Resources

We have a variety of resources to support our clients – click the tabs below to explore.

Articles and information on a wide variety of subjects relating to heath wellness etc.

Available to all.

Documents for clients coming to our clinic:

Thrive questionnaire

Non-disclosure agreement

Directions / map for clinic

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Documents for clients using online services:

test request form

health questionnaire

re-test questionnaire

email NTA if you require the password.

Modules for recovery programme

Modules for Lyme recovery programme

Dr Rachel programmes

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Dr Rachel’s programmes for subscribers.

Password protected.

Disclaimer: the information supplied on and via the NTA health website is not intended to replace standard medical advice. If you have chronic symptoms of any kind you should

consult your GP and follow NHS diagnostic procedures so that you have the option to take conventional medical treatment for any chronic illness that can be identified.

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