May is Lyme disease awareness month, which is something close to our heart, as makes up a large percentage of the people we treat in clinic. So the first part of this is all about prevention and acute Lyme and then about chronic Lyme.

For those who don’t have Lyme disease…

What is Lyme disease?

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection, most commonly transmitted via the bite of an infected tick. If left untreated, or undertreated symptoms can become severe and extremely debilitating. This is why it is important to take prevention methods and be aware of early symptoms.

Infected ticks have been found all over the UK including in urban parks and even back gardens.

How can I protect myself and family?

  1. Wear Tick & Insect Repellent (yes in the UK!) when out and about
  2. Wear light clothing with long sleeves as ticks are easier to see and brush off
  3. Consider tucking your trousers into your socks if in overgrown areas
  4. Stick to paths
  5. Throughly check for ticks when you return home, including checking behind ears, in the hairline, arm pits, groin, behind knees etc
  6. Shower and put your clothes in the tumble dryer to kill any ticks you have picked up
  7. Also use tick protection on your pets and check them whenever they return home
  8. If you are bitten remove the tick promptly using a tick remover tool
  9. Clean the bite area with antiseptic
  10. Monitor closely for symptoms.

You can find out more in our Lyme disease article.

What if I get infected?

Remember that we have a treatment plan for acute Lyme and starting this prompt is important.

If you go to your GP and they have followed the NICE guideline it is likely that they will be prescribed around 3 weeks of antibiotics plus another 3 weeks if symptoms persist.

Sadly, this treatment can be insufficient for some patients. Ticks can also transmit other infections, known as coinfections, some of which are not covered by the antibiotics.

We recommend that all patients infected with Lyme disease take our Acute Lyme Disease Bundle, Stage 1 and 2. This has been specially formulated to be taken alongside or instead of antibiotic treatment. It can also be used prophylactically.

We find most patients who follow the full 12 week course of treatment recover, however if they are still symptomatic 10 weeks into treatment we recommend that they book a saliva test as it is likely that they had a preexisting health condition that has been aggravated, such as a reactivated virus.   

Tick Repellent

Not all insect repellents are suitable for ticks. Sadly most available from UK pharmacies are designed for overseas trips with DEET as the active ingredient and as you will see from Lyme Disease UKs review of the science this is not effective enough against ticks.

Our Tick & Insect Repellent is both natural and effective against ticks. We combine essential oils that are recommended by Lyme herbalist Stephen Buhner with 30% Eucalyptus Citriodra.

This is the same ingredient and amount as the brand which is currently out of stock everywhere as the military are having it tested for effectiveness against corona viruses. They have trademarked the name Citriodiol, which is the exact same essential oil.

What if I already have Lyme disease?

We can help!

If you have been infected for over 6 months we recommend following our chronic Lyme programme, even if you have tried treating elsewhere before. We regularly have patients come to us who have already tried treating with herbs/homeopathy/antibiotics, typically we find treatment failure comes from not doing the preparatory work.

We have been treating patients for over 10 years and in that time have established a four phase system which is the quickest, and most effective way to get people better. Providing that you commit to the treatment we would anticipate that approximately 12 – 18 months of treatment will be necessary for recovery.

We are able to treat remotely so travel restrictions are not an issue. You can start right away.

We find however those with Lyme end to be very self motivate and educated about their conditions. As it is so poorly understood by the NHS they are used to advocating for themselves and with our support are able to get themselves well without needing the hand holding that less motivated patients might require. This makes our remote offering perfect, and more affordable.

Regardless of whether a patient is seen in person or treated remotely they all start with the Phase 1 bundle. The only difference with the remote route (apart from the lower cost!) is that you won’t see someone in person, which with those who are self motivated we do not normally find necessary. Subject to availability phone appointments can be available.

The first stage for all is our Phase 1 Chronic Lyme Bundle. This contains 12 weeks worth of supplements, herbs and homeopathy to get you started. Along with a saliva test kit, which you return to us, to allow us to personalise the next stage of your treatment.


If you order with the Phase 1 Chronic Lyme Bundle before Sunday 17th May we will give you Dr Rachel Taylor’s Mind Cleanse Programme (worth £49) free. This is designed to work alongside phase 1 to psychological support and increase your chance of recovery. You can hear Dr Rachel talk more about this in her interview with Lyme Disease UK (or our general approach to treating Lyme from Sonia in her LDUK interview).

Cheeky hint – we have an exclusive discount code available via LDUKs Facebook group – take a look in their files for a 10% discount code. 

Look after your loved ones!

Please forward this email to any friends and family who may benefit from this information. More of us taking preventative measures, makes it less likely that the spread of infection will be as severe.

Should you have questions or would like more information please contact us.