Before this year, our lives have been so busy, most of us had no chance to look at and resolve our past traumas.

Many people are now in a period of forced quietness that means anxieties are coming to the surface and in a way, its a good time to get help and look at some of these issues. Working with homeopathic and herbal remedies is a great way to work through past traumas and issues.

But I’ve never had a serious trauma?

Some people don’t feel they have experienced a serious trauma but still get high levels of anxiety. As well as our own past traumas, fears can be acquired in a family environment or can be cultural and in the current period of anxiety about Covid-19 virus and its knock on effects, fear is coming at us from all angles. It’s also important to note that something you perceived as a minor event or everyday occurrence can have a fairly traumatic impact on someone and not to judge yourself if you think you ‘should be over it by now’

How does stress, anxiety and trauma affect physical health?

“Did you know that the chemicals associated with these emotions affect our physical bodies in many ways. It’s not just about how we feel – it then becomes all about how well we can be!”

In a stress response, the body starts using up nutrients especially minerals so its very important to take care of your health and wellbeing at this time. The stress response affects your digestive system, cholesterol levels go up, we crave more sugars and blood sugar levels go up, blood pressure also rises and brain chemistry goes out of balance. Our emotions affect ALL of our other bodily systems. From how well our immune system functions to how our nervous system respond to our environment. Emotions even affect how well we can digest nutrients from the food that we eat – isn’t that amazing!

What can I do to support my body with trauma and anxiety? 

There are many things you can do to counteract the impacts of trauma and anxiety:

  • Exercise – anything you can manage – we then release endorphins that help us relax
  • Proper sleep is essential as your body repairs and detoxes overnight. If you struggle consider support from our Sleep Tincture
  • Many people find mindfulness and meditation very helpful to manage stress levels – explore what what’s for you. If you have never tried meditation before some people find the Headspace app is a good start
  • Epsom salts baths are helpful because the magnesium is absorbed into the body and helps to clear stress hormones
  • Increase your homeopathic and supplement support.

If you want additional support to decide which supplements are best for you or feel like you need some additional support dealing with the trauma you have two options:

  1. Book a saliva test for a comprehensive review of your health plus a bespoke treatment plan to support you.