Native Wisdom Formulas

NTA has it’s our own range of natural therapeutic products, formulated and produced for us by Traditional Herbalists to the individual needs of our clients.

Native Wisdom products are made from 100% natural ingredients. All ingredients are vegetarian and everything is made from fresh herbs and plants using different recipes depending on the season. The herbs and plants are chosen for their properties and combined into balanced preparations that are safe, complete and in a food state which means they are highly bio-available.

You cannot overdose on any nutrients in this form. They are even formulated so that the particle size of each individual element is of the right size to be absorbed at the optimal point in the digestive system. The ingredients in our products won’t interfere with any supplements you are already taking either, just think of them as really good for you food.

Taking one of our nutrient formulas regularly is the equivalent to eating high quality and perfectly balanced nutrition, specifically designed to support your individual health problem. We have some standard formulas that we keep in stock, but we can also supply bespoke mixes if you have specific needs like allergies or intolerances that make our standard products unsuitable.

Whether on not you choose a standard product or a bespoke mix, please bear in mind that no two batches of your formula are likely to be the same. Our herbalists use only fresh ingredients that are not always available through the whole year, so the ingredients used will change and each batch of those ingredients will be different. Any of our formulas might be light coloured and sweet one month and taste of aniseed and look darker the next – the therapeutic properties will be the same even though the batch of ingredient or the ingredients themselves are different.

Native Wisdom herbal tinctures and dried herb blends are made with food grade herbs, rather than medicinal grade herbs making them gentler, yet still very effective. We often combine several herb extracts together to make a balanced product for different situations.

Some of our most popular Native Wisdom formulas are:

Adrenal & blood sugar support nutrient powders Anti-microbial herbal support tincture
Buffered vitamin C powders
Digestive support powders

Heavy metal chelation support powders Hormone balance nutrient powders Liquid nutritional support for children Lymph support herbal tincture Nutritional support powders

Sleep support herbal tincture

Some of our commonly used ingredients are:
agnus castus, andrographis, aniseed, astragalus, berry fruits, black cohosh, borage, brewers yeast, cayenne, chamomile, chlorella, cilantro, cistus incanus, citrus extract, clove, coconut whey powders, cornsilk, dandelion root, devils claw, dulse (seaweed), echinacea, elderberries, fennel seed, flax oil, fringe tree, ginger, gingko biloba, ginseng, glucosamine from oyster shell, gram flour (chick peas), grape sugars, hibiscus, hoodwort, isoflavins from soya extract, japanese knotweed, kelp from the south pacific, limestone flour, milk thistle, MSM from sea coral, orange, passion flower, pokeroot, psyllium husk, red grape juice, red root, rosemary, sarsparilla, serrapeptase, slippery elm, stevia, thyme, titanium flour, tumeric, valerian root, vanilla extract, vervain, vitamin c from rosehips, wild oat, wild sage, wild yam, wormwood, plus nutrients, enzymes, pre and probiotics from natural plant sources. We use no dairy products, grains, sugar or sweeteners. Our vitamin E is sourced from sunflower and safflower seeds. The wild oat used in some of our products is stored and prepared separately to ensure no contamination with gluten free products.

Please let us know before ordering if you think you are sensitive to any of these ingredients. Our Native Wisdom nutrient formulas can be ordered through our online shop.

(Native Wisdom was previously known as Nature’s Wisdom)