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Let the highly trained team at NTA help, either by visiting us at one of our clinics, or if that isn’t possible you can still follow the advice in self guided and purchase the high quality remedies and formulas in our online shop.

Integrated health

As natural health practitioners we are also committed to integrated healthcare and feel that it is the most effective way to restore health and wellbeing. We work closely with many other health professionals and we will often suggest that you seek the advice of one of our colleagues if we feel it would be a helpful to your recovery.

Your symptoms

We learn a lot about the ways that your body is out of balance by asking you in detail about your symptoms. Every symptom is information if you have the knowledge to interpret them and all of our practitioners are highly trained in this, plus they have access to additional information through the tests that we use.

Lifestyle advice

We live in a highly toxic world and are all being affected to some degree by radiation and chemicals in many different forms. Our bodies are well equipped to deal with these challenges when we are in health, but when you are weakened by stress or illness, they can have more of an effect. Sometimes it is these toxins that weaken us.

Your health assessment

will highlight if any of these factors are effecting you and your recovery programme will include information about how to reduce your exposure to these toxins and what can be done to clear them from your system. Common toxins that we can test for include heavy metal toxins (including aluminium, lead and mercury), radiation in different forms (including mobile phone and computer radiation) and chemicals like chlorine, glyphosphates and insecticides. 

Nutritional supports

We have our own range of natural therapeutic products, formulated and made for us by Traditional Herbalists. We use Homeopathic and Herbal medicines to stimulate the bodies healing mechanisms and our “Nature’s Wisdom” herb and nutrient formulas to provide food state nutrition for the raw materials that are needed at a cellular level.

Naturopathic tests

Depending on what your symptoms are indicating, we sometimes use additional non-invasive tests like the iodine challenge for the thyroid, a raglan test for the adrenal glands and liquid mineral testing. These can all give valuable additional information in some cases.

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  Frequently  asked questions

How successful are your programmes

We have over 25 years’ experience of treating chronic illness this way and looking back on past results we estimate that over70% of clients get significant improvement and over 50% get total remission of their presenting symptoms.

How many assessments will I need

 Every case is different, but we estimate what the stages and timings of your recovery will be in our  recovery programme. 

very rough guide is month’s worth otreatment for every year that you have been unwell.

How do I contact my practitioner about my treatment

Please use the patient portal to contact your practitioner. Messages will be read every week day and replied to in the order that they are received. We aim to reply to messages within 2 working days.

You can call the office with other questions on 01256 463899 the office is open daily after 1.30 or email Amanda: support@ntahealth.co.uk to book saliva testing and order remedies or products. 

What happens after the appointment

Your practitioner analyses all the clinical and test information, then prescribes and sends Homeopathic remedies by post (this takes approx. 7 days). Your report and suggested recovery programme will follow after this, (approx. 2 weeks).

What if I feel worse after taking remedies? There is a small possibility that your symptoms could worsen for a few days after starting the remedies. This is a normal part of the healing process but we aim to avoid this if possible. If this happens you should stop taking the treatments or remedies that you introduced most recently and wait for 3 days before restarting them.

How much will I be told on the day

Your practitioner will tell you about information from the testing at the end of the session, but there will be much more detail in the report. This will be sent to you within 2 weeks, once she has had time to analyze all the data.

Any further questions please email below or simply fill in the form and we will advice how we can help

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