Winter Wellness Wonderland

Now we are well into the progression to winter it is important that we think about how we can keep well when the season changes. There are some key things that we can all do to use this time to boost our immunity, gain resilience and make much improvements to our wellbeing in general.

Eat your way to wellness – Avoid all processed food and take full advantage of soup season. Ensure that your diet is full of colourful fruit and vegetables that will all aid your immune system plus boost digestion. It can take minutes to throw a few key ingredients into a pan to create a wholesome, healthy dish.

Try to get out into the daylight for at least 20 minutes each day. There is a tendency for us to negotiate life through boxes, we move from one into another. From the house, to the car, to work, to school, to shops, to visit other houses, back to the car and back to our original box. Try to break this monotony to get some fresh air and exposure to the outside.

Take some form of exercise every day. Aim to raise your heart rate until you are feeling slightly breathless, a little bit warm and maintain this for at least 20 minutes. It supports your immune system, heart health, helps digestion and produces good hormones and neurotransmitters that make you feel better and more alive.

Drink plenty of water, probably twice the amount that you think is the right amount to drink. Your body and brain need it!

Take a good multi-vitamin or have your vitamins in powders, potions or tinctures. It is important that you keep your body able to keep strong and healthy. Investigate our wellness solutions to see what delights we have for keeping you well! Wellbeing for all!

Relax, rest and recuperate – this is different to vegetating in a trance like state. This is actively building in something that is restful and gentle to the mind, body and brain to ensure that effective detoxing and regeneration can take place.

Use the winter to reconnect with yourself and with others. Hugs are always good for the soul and the body, make winter the time when you get more human contact not less.

Take 5 minutes first thing in the morning and last thing at night to think about what you can do to make your day more joyful and how you have made your day more joyful.

Look after your brain function, eat more fats, don’t indulge in processed sugars and ensure that you retain balance and equilibrium. Maybe try to give your brain some extra care and attention with specially developed brain remedies!

Let winter be a source of boosting ourselves rather than a monotonous time of grey and dullness!


Dr Rachel is a neuro-psychologist specialising in trauma recovery and wellbeing in those with chronic or neurological conditions. She is available for consultations at the NTA Clinic in Hampshire and also via Skype / Facetime / Phone. More info at: www.ntahealth/dr-rachel/

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