Photons, H2o and Being Well

Looking across from the table, there are streams of sunlight glistening and dancing through the window, bathing everything in its path with golden iridescent light beams. This kind of phenomena occurs in every home, every area that has direct sunlight within it. This light energy is a form of energy transfer due to electromagnetic radiation that consists of photons, which are the smallest, most basic unit of all light.

Light is made up of photons, all electromagnetic energy is made up of photons. They are electrically neutral, that is they have no charge. Einstein theorised that light is a flow of photons, that the energy of photons is the height of their oscillation frequency and the intensity of the light is related to the number of photons.

So, what have photons got to do with optimal health and wellbeing? The name is used a lot in terms of healing modalities, which in itself is interesting as it could be pondered if it is just being used to use science as a mediator for selling services. Let’s have a look at the science.

Human beings are 55% water (women) and 60% water (men) therefore it can be seen that water and the quality of water within the human body are essential to creating that framework for wellness. The energy for constructing the water structure comes from the sun. Photons convert water into what is considered ordered water, fourth phase or exclusion zone water with all wavelengths ranging from ultraviolet to visible then onto infrared being useful. Infra-red energy has been proven scientifically to be the most capable. This kind of water is named exclusion zone (ez) due to its nature as it excludes solutes, so is the purest type of water. It is created naturally and spontaneously from environmental energy. So, the more light-energy is absorbed the more ez water is generated.

What is even more interesting is that ez water holds a negative charge, it is thought that human bodies are electronically neutral, however this is not the case. Human bodies bear net negative charge and makes every effort to maintain negativity by ridding itself of protons through expelling them out of the body. The Earth itself holds a negative charge, with just the atmosphere having a positive charge, which is why grounding to the Earth is so beneficial. Having 4th phase ez water in all of our cells makes it easier to ground and to keep our negative charge which in turn supports all of our body into being as well as it can be.

Reduction is the gaining of electrons and oxidation is the loss of electrons, which strips molecules of their negative charge, working against the body’s natural attempt to maintain high negativity. Therefore, it can be seen that using photon technology in order to absorb more light (just like plants and trees do in photosynthesis) to create more ez water within our bodies is more than just an attempt to have another fad treatment to improve wellbeing. It is a sound principle based within natural science to support health and healing. Creating the cleanest, clearest human environment to truly achieve the highest potential.

Dr Rachel is a neuro-psychologist specialising in trauma recovery and wellbeing in those with chronic or neurological conditions. She is available for consultations at the NTA Clinic in Hampshire and also via Skype / Facetime / Phone.

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