Take control of your health and wellbeing: Thrive don’t just survive!

NTA Thrive

Thrive is the signature service designed and delivered by NTA. A bespoke, personalised, premium process that has the most up to date tests, treatments and remedies. A unique service for unique individuals.

Why Thrive ?

Thrive has been designed, developed and delivered with individuals in mind. It is our premium, signature service for a reason. Gold standard from start to finish, the whole process has been built to give individuals a voice. With all their health concerns, wellbeing goals and life ambitions being heard, solutions being suggested through thorough investigation and collaboration and ultimately, the achievement of the desired goal of optimal health and wellbeing.

What is the Thrive pathway ?

There is an application process for Thrive. This includes initially a prospective candidate completing a comprehensive form that takes a 360 degree view of health and wellbeing. This includes questions about current health conditions, lifestyle, historical information as well as asking what are your short, medium and long term goals and wishes.

After receipt of your application form, senior clinicians within the Thrive team will assess the information and make a decision if an assessment appointment would be beneficial.

If we can offer you an assessment then a date will be offered. If we cannot or if we think you need to work through some preparatory supports first, then we will provide you with suggestions about this.

If you do come for a Thrive assessment then comprehensive tests will be carried out, all of which are designed to give a whole and complete picture of health and wellbeing challenges and issues. The whole process is carried out with the ethos that no one person is just parts, that all are whole beings with a totally connected system.

 After the initial assessment a fully personalised report and treatment programme will be written and developed that encompasses all the health needs in order to support and facilitate achievement of all health and wellbeing goals.

Who is Thrive for?


In short, Thrive is for anyone who feels that they need help and support to become the best version of themselves. NTA are extremely experienced in providing diagnoses and then supporting those with chronic conditions. We are also able to help people out of general un-wellness and facilitate those who want to move themselves physically and mentally to the next level.

We listen and support, plus we have an up to date and accurate testing regime. Our experienced practitioners have extensive  experience in working with people who feel hopeless about their health conditions. 

If you are motivated to get better and/or to be the best version of you, plus you are committed to the healing process, then Thrive is for you. In return you will get all you need, including treatments and remedies, for you to heal, recover, develop, improve and then achieve all your goals and life potential.

Take charge, take control

Take the first steps in applying for Thrive today. Your health is your responsibility – be empowered by the knowledge that you can take control of your health and wellbeing goals. You will be listened to, you will be treated compassionately, respectfully and with your best interests at heart.

Your health and wellbeing matters to us  – a lot – we believe it matters to you too. Get in touch to  find out more, apply for a Thrive assessment and then be well on the path for complete health and wellbeing.

First complete the “contact us” form with all your details:

If we think we can help, we will send you a Thrive application form to complete.

If after reviewing your application form we think that you are suitable for Thrive, then you will be invited to come to our clinic for an assessment appointment.

How to contact Thrive

Simply click the green icon in bottom right hand corner for help questions or forms .

How long for reply

The team are available from Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm. We reply to all messages within 2 working days. 

Confidentiality is key to all programmes. At NTA we understand the importance of confidentiality and have a process to protect clients and the programmes as a whole.

Prior to the first face to face assessment, clients are asked to complete and sign a two way non-disclosure agreement. This is for complete assurance that nothing will be disclosed to anyone, at anytime.

We expect the same level of confidentiality from all clients.

With any further questions, please contact us

Disclaimer: the information supplied on and via the NTA health website is not intended to replace standard medical advice. If you have chronic symptoms of any kind you should consult your GP and follow NHS diagnostic procedures so that you have the option to take conventional medical treatment for any chronic illness that can be identified.