Indigo Adults.

The Indigo individual is one that is said to be a light-worker, a paradigm shifter and one who is creating new paths through the chaos of modern living.

Indigos also have a huge, inner need to create change in their neighbourhoods, communities and the world as a whole in order to awaken the rest of humanity to the potential they all have within.

They are freethinkers, have a deep and profound insight into humanity with a clear fixation on exposing truth, showing deception and delusion for what it really is. Indigos have the ability to see through illusions, half-truths and lies endemic in the world created by individuals, groups and corporations to serve a purpose other than furthering humanity.

Indigos are so often labelled as headstrong, obnoxious, precocious, find it hard to fit into the world as it is, often being misunderstood, rejected, vilified, misdiagnosed and medicated to ‘normalise’ them. A common aspect of misdiagnosis tends to be one of mood disorder like ADD, ADHD, oppositional defiance disorder, any type of personality or mood disorder. Differences that are within the indigos are often met with fear and uncertainty with children in particular being heavily medicated to enable their carers and others to manage that fear. This then ends up with the indigo losing that intuitive truth-seeking drive, leaving in its place a numb, detached person.

Finding the truth and exposing the truth runs through the indigo like a stick of rock. Every single rule, law, belief, structure, ritual, institution, organisation, public and private body will be questioned and challenged with a strength of purpose and commitment unlike any other.

Do you ever feel or have been told any of the following?

  1. You are too strong-willed
  2. You’re an old soul
  3. You think outside of the box, completely different way of solving old problems
  4. You are committed to the truth, no matter how tough that truth is
  5. You are perceptive, much more than others
  6. Your intuition is rarely out, its often your head or other influences that convince you otherwise
  7. You feel like you are a world game changer
  8. You are sensitive to suffering and want to ease this
  9. You have empathy for others
  10. You are a natural leader
  11. You may be a loner or feel lonely even when in groups
  12. You are extremely creative and have the ability to channel this to help yourself and others
  13. You are an idealist
  14. You have an affinity with nature
  15. Spirituality is in but religious dogma is definitely out
  16. You have existential crises or moments
  17. You can suffer with boredom
  18. Worryingly if not in the right environment indigos can tend towards addictions to numb the pain of their lives
  19. You are extremely sensitive to emotional and environmental pollutants
  20. You can be fiery tempered and quick to detach from relationships
  21. Extremely high standards that are tiring and difficult to maintain

Dr Rachel is a neuro-psychologist specialising in trauma recovery and wellbeing in those with chronic or neurological conditions. She is available for consultations at the NTA Clinic in Hampshire and also via Skype / Facetime / Phone.

More info at: www.ntahealth/dr-rachel/

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