Enemas have been used for centuries as an effective cleansing practice. They can help with:-

  1. Reducing toxin load in the body
  2. Eliminating intestinal parasites
  3. Relief from constipation & gas/bloating
  4. Colon cleansing
  5. Reduce candida overgrowth

The best time to do an enema is in the morning preferably on an empty stomach and after a bowel movement.


Enema can or Reusable enema bag
Filtered Water
Organic Coffee, Sea Salt, Probiotics
Natural Oil (olive, coconut, almond or castor) Thermometer


  1. Make sure the temperature of the water is between 37-40 celsius (98-104F). You can use a thermometer or test on the inside of the wrist.
  2. Place the Coffee/Sea salt/Probiotic into the enema can or bag.
  3. Connect the tubing making sure it is secure and that the clamp is closed tightly so you do not spill the solution out of the tube.
  4. Fill the enema can or bag with filtered water.
  5. Lubricate the nozzle using natural oil.
  6. Insert the tube, unclamp the tube. If the pressure is too much adjust the clamp.
  7. Try to massage the abdomen in a counter clockwise direction to assist the water to

    flow into the entire colon.

Be careful not to let the solution enter too quickly.

Try to hold the enema for 10-15mins. The longer you can retain it the better the results. If it’s not possible to hold the solution for more than a few minutes on your first try do not worry as you will be able to increase the time with continued use.



Salt Water

This is the most gentle solution to use. A saline solution does not draw electrolytes from the body.

2tsps of Sea Salt
2ltrs of warm filtered water


Coffee helps to enhance the action of glutathione which plays an important role in the detoxification process.

3tbsps of Organic Coffee 1ltr of warm filtered water


This simple enema gently cleanses the colon and helps to replenish beneficial bacteria to stimulate the bowel flora and has a better chance of survival than when it is taken orally.

4tbsps probiotic yoghurt or 4-5 dry capsules 9open capsules & pour into the water) 2ltrs of warm filtered water.