Support your immune system / Detox injection effects.

This blog will provide support for you if:

  • If you are worried about catching Covid-19
  • If you are concerned about other respiratory viruses that might be in circulation this winter
  • If you chose to take a Covid injection and are experiencing side effects
  • If you feel you are being affected by shedding from other people who took the injections.

If you are worried about catching Covid-19

Firstly, it is important to remember that anxiety prevents your immune system from working well, so try to support your wellness and mental health to stay calm and maintain a strong body.

Anxiety about the numbers of cases and deaths being published is understandable, but the way that numbers are being collected gives the impression that covid-19 virus is more dangerous than it actually is.

It is likely that you have already been in contact with the virus and either had a mild illness and developed a natural immunity, or were already immune because of exposure to a different type of coronavirus in the past. Our immune systems usually work very well and a recent study by the NHS showed that natural immunity is at least as good as immunity from vaccination.

The Government’s scientific advisors tell us that most people will not become unwell even if exposed to the virus. If you were to become unwell from the virus, most people experience only mild to moderate symptoms that resolve within a week and without the need to see your GP.

The scientists now know that the virus is not as easy to pass on as was first feared (there is only a 10% transmission rate even in the same household) and that very few people have died from covid-19 on its own. Even if you are over 85 the data shows that the survival rate for a covid infection is 98.2% and the statistics now tell us that 91.1% of people who died with covid-19 also had a serious co-morbility. People with terminal cancer and pneumonia who sadly passed away are being classified as covid deaths and people who test positive for covid but have no symptoms are being classified as covid cases. It is easy to feel anxious about the numbers of cases and deaths being reported but when you look in more detail at the numbers, you can clearly see that the real picture is less scary.

The treatments that we recommend to support the immune system:

  • Immune support Powder – 5ml dose (one teaspoon), 1 x daily prevention / 2-4 x daily during periods of sickness. Provides Zinc, Vitamin D, Vitamin C and Quercetin with immune supportive herbs and nutrients.
  • Throat and Chest drops – have on standby in case you become unwell
  • Homeopathy kit.

You may wish to consider booking a Health MOT test through NTA which will check for weaknesses in your immune system and offer personalised advice and treatments.

“Long Covid”

If you’ve had a flu type illness and you do not feel back to your normal level of wellness, then we advise you to try homeopathic ars-alb 30c in the mornings, bryonia 30c in the afternoons and immune powders, throat and chest drops, plus rose hip vitamin c powders twice a day, for 4 weeks to provide extra support in clearing post-viral symptoms.

Homeopaths have a long history of helping people recover from post-viral symptoms and we have good treatments to help people who have not been well since a virus.

If you still feel unwell after a month of trying the above, then consider booking a saliva test so we can give you individualised advice about how to recover:

If you are worried about other viruses

The Government is suggesting that this winter more people could suffer more serious illness caused by the flu.  It is true that from October until March you are more likely to suffer from a viral respiratory illness, which usually takes the form of a mild cough or cold. The average person only experiences 2 Flu infections in a lifetime and as with any acute illness, how well you manage and recover depends on your general level of health and how well you support your body during the illness. Minimising stress, plenty of rest, the right nutrients and homeopathy will all make a huge difference to the severity and length of an illness.

It is important to know all the facts so that you can assess the level of risk to you and the people you are in close contact with. Did you know that the UK’s last big Flu was in the winter of 1968/9 in which 80,000 people died in one winter? The elderly and babies were the most severely affected and normal life continued because the majority only has a mild illness or no illness at all.

There is some evidence to suggest that people who received a Covid injection might have a weaker immune response to other viruses including the flu, so we would advise you take more care of your immune system this winter than you would usually consider necessary. Research has also shown that there is the possibility of more serious illness developing if people who have been injected come into contact with covid or other viruses, through a mechanism called pathogenic priming.

In natural health we focus on the health of the body and understand that this is what makes the difference between a short, mild illness or a serious, long illness. There will always be pathogens like viruses and bacteria in our environment, it is the measures you take to keep your body healthy that affect how we react to those pathogens. Whether you have had a covid injection or not, we advise that you take high quality, bioavailable nutrients and herbal supports to help your immune system work at its best.

The treatments that we recommend:

  • Immune support Powder – 5ml dose (one teaspoon), once daily during cold and flu season and two to four times per day during periods of sickness. Provides Zinc, Vitamin D, Vitamin C and Quercetin with immune supportive herbs and nutrients.
  • Throat and Chest drops – have on standby in case you become unwell
  • Homeopathy kit.
  • You may wish to consider booking a Health MOT test through NTA which will check for weaknesses in your immune system and offer personalised advice and treatments.

Did you receive or are you considering a covid injection?

The data being collected shows that those who have had 2 injections are just 4%* less likely to test positive for the virus that people who have not had an injection. If you are in a household with someone who tests positive and you have not had the injections, you have a 10.1% chance of testing positive yourself. This reduces to 6.25% if you have taken two injections, so it is quite a small difference.

Unfortunately, there are side effects from the injections to weigh up against the benefit of the injections. The Government Yellow card scheme where side effects are recorded shows 1329 deaths in the period ending 9th June and over 228,000 adverse reactions to the injections in England.

The adverse reactions are mostly connected with blood clotting disorders and all the symptoms they can cause, including heart attacks, strokes, menstrual problems, headaches and fatigue. Click here for a good article that summarises the problems.

Some Doctors also have concerns about how the immune systems of those who have received the injection will react when they are next exposed to a virus, including covid or other coronaviruses. People might not have a good immune response, so cases of post viral illness could increase. Other people may respond too much and develop illness connected with over-activity of the immune system.

We recommend that everyone researches more about the injections and their potential side effects so that they can weigh up the pros and cons for their personal situation. Even if you have already had the 2 covid-19 injections, you will be offered more injections in the future and making an informed choice is crucial, especially if you have suffered with poor health in the past.

The treatments that we recommend be taken after injections:

  • Immune calmer powders – take a 5ml dose (one teaspoon) once daily for 4 weeks – provides Zinc, Vitamin D, Vitamin C and Quercetin with immune modulating herbs and sources of toluene, shikimic acid and quercetin plus fenugreek sprouts which are anti-purinergic (like Suramin). Alongside the powders, take an immune calm homeopathic remedy 6c twice daily (sambucus, chelidonium, hydrastis)
  • Biofilm breaking powders – take a 5ml dose and Blood / Circulation support homeopathic remedy 6c twice a for 4 weeks. Preferably follow some doses with a clay bath and take an appropriate binder like titanium clay (in Natures Wisdom Super Detox powders).
  • Cellular protection oil – take ½ pipette 2 x daily for 4 weeks. Combines ingredients that protect cell walls and membranes in the body as well as the mitochondria.
  • Colloidal Gold Spray – inhale 2 x daily. A negatively charged solution that can destroy viruses and bind with positively charged elements such as hydrogel.
  • Homeopathic remedies specific to your situation. Please speak with your practitioner.

If you are worried about shedding / transmission from others: 

Our recommended treatments are detailed on the page after next and include:

There is evidence to suggest that elements from the injections are being transferred to others. We are seeing examples of this through our clinic work and it seems to be people who have recovered from chronic viral infections, as well as from chronic Lyme are most affected. Using our bio-resonance testing along with symptoms reported by our clients, we can see that people who have been in close contact with someone who had the injection are becoming unwell, experiencing the return of old symptoms from the past.

It seems that the pattern of symptoms is individual to the person and based on their own past history of illness. Our best guess is that the immune memory cells are being activated by exposure to spike proteins and so our strategy to treat this is to use immune calming remedies, herbs and nutrients to stop this reaction. We also recommend taking support formulas that bind toxins, protect cell walls, strengthen the blood brain barrier and protect the mitochondria from damage.

All of the covid-19 injections used so far in the UK work by delivering a piece of mRNA into the cells of the person and the RNA then triggers the production of spike proteins inside the cells. Spike proteins are recognised by the immune system as something that is usually attached to a virus and research has shown that they can travel around the body and trigger inflammation.

It has been documented by Pfizer that the spike proteins can be transmitted between people and that there can be transmission through sexual intercourse and sweat. It would be safe to assume that there may be spike proteins in any body fluid and that all types of injection could trigger the same reaction.

Some Doctors are also concerned that the hydrogel element of the mRNA covid injections is also being transmitted and is an additional toxin that the body needs to process. The substance of hydrogel has a positive charge so will be repelled from other positively charged substances and attracted to negatively charged substances. A successful binding material therefore needs to have a negative charge. Zeolite, titanium clay and colloidal gold all possess this quality. Colloidal silver and C60 oil have positive charges and so cannot bind with the hydrogel element.

A few other Doctors believe the shedding isn’t happening on a physical level, but on a frequency level. If this is what is happening then the injected person is transmitting the frequency of an immune reaction to a virus and the immune system of a person in contact with them could be affected by the frequency, starting their own immune reaction.

Solutions to the effects of shedding / transmission

Suramin – some Doctors, including Judy Mikovits, claim that a medication called Suramin could be an effective antidote for a shedding reaction. It is an anti-purinergic drug, specifically a P2 receptor antagonist, that is said to prevent many viral infections including Zika, Ebola and Coxsackie. It is also proposed to have benefits for those with autism, cancer, inflammatory diseases and neuropathic diseases which are all thought to involve participation of P2 receptors. The drug Suramin is not available on prescription so researchers have looked for natural substances that have an anti-purinergic action like Suramin.

  • Trigonella foenum leaf extract (fenugreek) inhibits ATP induced platelet aggregation P2Y12 & P2X inhibits methylene ATP induced isometric contraction. Suramin inhibited ATP induced isometric contraction in the vas deferens by 1.57mg/ml and TFG extract inhibited by 0.9102 microgrammes/ml (Furia et al 2012
  • Emodin (present in rhubarb, buckthorn and Japanese knotweed) inhibits receptor activities (P2X7) induced by ATP. It also impaired P2X2/3 receptor role in transmission or neuropathic pain stimuli

Suramin is a derivative of a dye called trypan blue which is derived from toluene. It is possible that other substances rich in toluene could provide the same properties.

Other sources of toluene include pines (various species), most incenses, evergreen cypress, cistus/labdanum, hemlock, angelica root, curcuma, white cedar, ginger, juniper berry, firs, spruces, and cinnamon. Also, essential oils of Boswellia serrata (Indian Frankincense), cinnamons, conifers and curcuma (including turmeric), lime, larch, Labrador tea, carrot seed, wormwood, agarwood, cedarwood, oregano, elemi, roman chamomile, lavender, cumin, basil and amyris.

Shikimic acid is another substance that has been suggested as a solution because it is what Tamiflu was derived from. Shikimic acid is thought to inhibit replication of viruses and platelet aggregation. Good plant sources of shikimic acid include Fennel seeds, Symphytum off, Ginkgo Biloba, Hypericum, Cistus incanus, Sida acuta and pine needles.

Quercetin is a flavonoid and another useful support. Hydroxychloroquine is a commonly used anti-malarial drug that has been trialled as a treatment for covid-19 and flu infections and according to many Doctors is very helpful when used in the correct doses. It is thought that Hydroxychloroquine might help because it acts as a zinc ionophore, which means it can send zinc into cells to help with immune functions. Quercetin is also a zinc ionophore and taken with zinc acts as a potent antiviral and immune system support, including against covid-19. Quercetin is in fruit, especially apples, tomatoes, onions and some other vegetables. It is also in green tea, ginkgo biloba and St John’s Wort (Hypericum).

Immune modulators are plant ingredients that can boost the immune system if it’s under-reacting (including boosting natural killer cell and lymphocyte production). They can also calm the immune system if it’s over-reacting. Reishi mushroom, nettle, yarrow, apium seeds, wormwood, calendula, hemp leaves, milk thistle, white willow and sweet-annie are all immune modulators.

Recommended treatments for the effects of shedding / transmission:

  • Immune Calmer Powder – take a 5ml dose (one teaspoon) once a day for 2 weeks, starting immediately. Alongside this take an Immune Calm Remedy 6c twice a day (sambucus, chelidonium, hydrastis).
  • Cellular Protection Oil – take ½ pipette twice a day for 1 – 2 weeks.
  • Colloidal Gold Spray – inhale one spray 3 – 6 times a day.

If you want to protect yourself when exposed to others, use the above treatments for 1 day before and 3 days after any potential exposure and take for longer if you develop any symptoms.


Consider adding:

Dandelion leaf tincture or tea – blocks uptake of spike proteins by ACE2 cell surface receptors

Thyme essential essence in a diffuser


Increase healthy fats in your diet to strengthen cell membranes (grass fed, eggs, meat, dairy, wild fish).

Increase choline rich foods to support cellular functions. Include the above foods and organ meat.

Eat plenty of high antioxidant foods like berries, green leafy vegetables, beetroot and red cabbage.

Avoid processed foods, sugars and alcohol as they deplete your body of nutrients and energy.

Other important supports for your immune system:

Get enough sleep

Drink plenty of good quality water

Avoid every-day toxins as much as possible

Practice mindfulness to stay calm and reduce anxiety.


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