Beauty, joy and passing it forward

Every day in small ways I pay it forward, to show gratitude and appreciation for my life and everything in it (both good and challenging) I like to know I have paid it forward for others so that they might feel inspired to do the same…

Anyway, I was reading an article this morning and it was highlighting the work that a charity within Bolton is doing this Christmas (and does every year). This work is to provide Christmas hampers to those within Bolton who otherwise may not be able to have that particular type of Christmas cheer.

A direct quote from the article from Dave Bagley (an amazing man) who is the chief executive of the organization is ‘”We are trying to pass on a bit of joy to people at Christmas, ” and I wondered exactly what the joy was that was being passed on.

Obviously, there is a certain amount of surface level joy in the contents of the hamper, in the scents, sights, tastes and sounds. However, I would pose that the joy is the deep-rooted energy that gets passed onto the recipient. The act of random kindness from a stranger who wants to share what they have, who wants to be part of something that is inherently good, the deep joy that can be easier to access around Christmas. The want to have goodwill to all men (and women!) The reminder of humanity and that we are all part of the same cosmic soup.

There is a certain beauty in the sharing of joy, it certainly moves me in so many ways. It develops my deep connection with my joy and with the joy of others. Sharing joy is beneficial to everyone, both the donor and the recipient, so if you feel moved to, please do something joyful for others this December, in whatever form that may take.

Dr Rachel is a neuro-psychologist specialising in trauma recovery and wellbeing in those with chronic or neurological conditions. She is available for consultations at the NTA Clinic in Hampshire and also via Skype / Facetime / Phone.

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